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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Nosferatu gig - 12th Nov 2011

Faith and the Muse - Elyria
Among The Weeds - Tin
Rosin Covin - Ladybugs Pas de Deux
Emma Conquest - Addiction
Aeon Sable - Agnosia
Abney Park - Stigmata Martyr
Daughters of Bristol - Velvet Curtains


Miserylab - Children of the Poor
Angels of LIberty - Monster in Me
Battz in the Belfry - Speak
Subterfuge - Darkland Awakening
Love and Rockets - So Alive
The Cure - Hanging Garden


The Last Dance - Do You Believe in Angels?
Clan of Xymox - Louise
Fad Gadget - For Whom the Bells Toll
The Damned - Alone Again Or


Veil Veil Vanish - Change in the Neon Light
Dutch Order - Violence
Blacklist - Language of the Living Dead
Romance - Paris is Burning
Ikon - Afterlife


Dead Souls Rising - Sin
Die Laughing - Safe Little World
Faith and the Muse - Battle Hymn
Pretentious Moi? - The Rockery


Fields of the Nephilim - Blue Water
Play Dead - This Side of Heaven
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Talk About The Weather
The Chameleons - Up The Down Escalator
Joy Division - Shadowplay
Bauhaus - She's in Parties
The Cure - Charlotte Sometimes
PIL - Rise
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Ornaments of Gold
Nick Cave - Red Right Hand

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