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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Nekropolis - 5th Sept 2008

Johnny Hollow – This Hollow World
Hungry Lucy – You Are
The Eden House – To Believe In Something
Dr Arthur Krause – The Eternal Flame
Imaginary walls – December
Tors of Dartmoor – Gypsy
Abney Park – sleep Isabella
Love like Blood – Doomsday
Vendemmian – Take Me Home
The Last Dance – Cages 2nd Set
Joy Division – She’s Lost Control
The Marionettes – Like Christabel
The Wake – Sideshow
Play Dead – Walk Away
Killing Joke – The Wait
Blacklist – Language Of The Living Dead
Dragons – Here Are The Roses
Immum Coeli – Lust
Lucid Dementia – Ignorance
Among The Weeds – Frail

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