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Sunday, 4 May 2014

G-Fest - 13th Dec 2009

Sleep Slid In - Demon Skin 
Raum 41 - Norway 
The Veil - Twist 
Joy Disaster - Paranoia 
Whispers in the Shadow - Waste (2005 mix) 
Repeater - Carved in Shadow 

*Luxury Stranger* 

Beyond The Pale - A Drop in the Ocean 
Abney Park - Sleep Isabella 
Rosetta Stone - An Eye For The Main Chance 
Drowning Season - Heaven Falls Hard 
The Wake - Sideshow 
Elusive - Gemini 


The Eden House - To Believe in Something 
Love Like Blood - Within The Realm of a Dying SUn 
Faith and the Muse - Battle Hymn (r) 


Dragons - Here Are The Roses 
Blacklist - Language of the Living Dead 
March Violets - Snakedance (r) 
Dave Vanian and the Phantom Chords - Whiskey and Me 
Chameleons - The Fan and the Bellows 
Dean Martin - Little Ole Wine Drinker Me 


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